Introducing Grant Park Deliveries!

Wednesdays and Thursdays only. Spread the word!!

Homemade Meals You Don’t Have to Make.

BLITZ KITCHEN cooks affordable family friendly meals and delivers them to your doorstep. Pick your entrees, sides, salads, desserts and other Blitz goodness from our weekly menu. Order what you want and let us know the day you want it. No delivery fee, no subscription, no prep work, no hassle.

All you do is warm, serve and we’re even o.k. with you taking the credit. Dinner time just doesn’t get better (or easier!) than that.

Blitz Kitchen not only delivers a home cooked meal, but it also delivers on the promise to greatly improve the quality of your evening. Simply put, Blitz Kitchen delivers. Give us a try.

The Blitz in Blitz Kitchen

You know those people who are determined to make a nice meal then get drained by the time vampire that is life? That was me. Starved for time, hungry for a home-made meal, craving a break from cooking. As it turns out, most of my friends were the exact same way, so I decided to do something about it. Little did I know.

What started out as a few meals for friends, suddenly became a thriving business. Now, I have a menu of meals worth Instagramming, a growing list of clients, and I get to share my home-cooked goodness with families, couples, singles and seniors all over in-town Atlanta neighborhoods. Guess you could say I’m not only living the dream, I’m serving it.

Cheers, Mahlzeit, and Bon Appetit!

Anna Blitz

Anna Blitz - Blitz Kitchen, Atlanta's Homemade Meal Delivery Service



Minimum for each delivery order is $40 plus tax. Place an order for what you want and tell us the day you want us to deliver!

Orders must be placed by 6pm Saturday for the following week and will be delivered between 2:30pm and 5:30pm on the day you request.

Meals are packed in insulated bags with plenty of ice packs so don’t worry if no one is home to receive the delivery.When you’re done, simply leave the bags and ice packs, request a pick-up, and we’ll either come get them or swap them out for your next order. (Note: A charge of $25 will be incurred for every unreturned insulated bag. Sorry, but they’re not cheap.)

There’s no delivery fee and no tipping necessary.


Let’s Do Dinner at Your Place

Check if you are within the Blitz Zone meal delivery area.

Blitz Zone - Blitz Kitchen Meal Delivery Zone

The following Atlanta neighborhoods
are in the Blitz Zone:

Avondale Estates
Candler Park
Clairmont Heights
Echo Lake
Grant Park (Wed & Thur)
Lake Claire
Oak Grove
Sagamore Hills
Winonna Park