Blitz Kitchen Gift Cards

Give the gift of Blitzy Goodnesss!

Blitz Kitchen Gift Card from Atlanta's Homemade Meal Delivery Service


What dollar amounts are your gift cards available?

You can purchase a gift card for any dollar amount, which can be redeemed for any Blitz Kitchen item(s).

How will the recipient receive their gift card?

The recipient will receive an email, with a personalized message from you, which will include a gift card code they can use to place orders with Blitz Kitchen .

Does the total amount have to spent all at once?

No!  We will keep track of the balance and the recipient can place multiple orders over a period of time.  Your gift does not expire either so the Blitzy Goodness just goes on and on!

Can the recipient use the card with any coupons or discounts?

No.  The gift card can not be combined with any coupons or discounts on purchase or redemption.